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Sep 11, 2019

@lastpositivist on twitter


Some hard hitting topics include:

Which anime best illustrates the meaning of life?

Is tech political?

What does "normative" mean?

Are ethics "meaningless" if they aren't "real?"

If they aren't real, then on what basis can one form political commitments?

What relevance does the Vienna Circle...

Aug 2, 2019

@lea_rosen on twitter


What are "good" reasons for asylum?

How does the process work?

How did things change after 9/11?

How did things change under Trump?

US techie call to action, learn Spanish if you don't know it and donate to RAICES here: 

Here's a list of organizations that help...

Aug 2, 2019

Wendy Liu Online:




- Tech and Labor Rights

- The Lucas Plan

- Capitalism

- Adam Smith's Mom


Recommended Movie:

"Sorry to Bother You" by Boots Riley


Recommended Reading:

"Platform Capitalism" by Nick Srnicek

"Capitalist Realism" by Mark Fisher

"Disassembly Required" by Geoff...

Aug 2, 2019




- ACM Code of Ethics


- Brexit

- Philosophy in a few TV shows

- Tech won't build it?


Recommended Reading from Catherine on Virtue Ethics: "Technology and the Virtues" by Shannon Vallor