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Aug 2, 2019

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What are "good" reasons for asylum?

How does the process work?

How did things change after 9/11?

How did things change under Trump?

US techie call to action, learn Spanish if you don't know it and donate to RAICES here: 

Here's a list of organizations that help immigrants:


Note: This episode was recorded in May (2019). I think that in this conversation we revealed a tension that is difficult to resolve, which is that the current administration is both uniquely cruel in rhetoric, enforcement, and in the creation of new policies, and yet, many of the seeds were planted and watered throughout history. The last administration itself presented an escalation in xenophobia, and before that, the war on terror immensely shaped the modern period. If we recognize Trump as an aberration, we let our history off the hook and deny the humanity of whistle blowers and victims of the past.

This Citations Needed episode from January 2018 captured this tension well, but I would explicitly add to their analysis that it is a specific injury to those affected and the journalists that reported during the last administration that "detention center" conditions were not properly aired and investigated.

One topic we didn't tackle is what escalation would mean especially with regard to the concentration camps and what technical resistance might look like. I hope to explore that in a future episode.


By the way:

Immigration control has always been racist. Pass it on.


The inanity of borders on SRSLY WRONG